My first WordPress Plugin

My first WordPress custom plugin… It feels like hundreds of years ago… Since I was at the beginning of my life-journey, I started playing with WordPress CMS. Firstly I had a website with movies where people could watch movie trailers and get some information about them. But maintaining this kind of website was not an easy job… I had to upload around 10-15 movies per day and this took a lot of my free time. For I was in love with PHP I tried to create a plugin that would help me in this website work. So in around 1 week I created the first version of WP IMDB Poster. At the beginning , what it did was only to grab some information like description or a picture of the movie from IMDB. Since I wanted to show to the world my awesome plugin, I tried to sell it on codecanyon where it was declined from the start. The reviewer of it was a nice guy that told me “you can make it better”. So I tried again, failed again and improve it over and over again. After 5 versions I manage to do it as best I could , upgrading it so it could grab almost all the information from IMDB, insert more movies at a time and even customize a specific theme that the plugin would auto-generate. This plugin wasn’t a brilliant idea, but it was something that I worked on and manage to finish. Now it probably made some people as happy as I was.

The plugin can be found here.